The development of the transport system is of great importance for the Republic of Azerbaijan. One of the most developed and significant branches of the transport system, is the railways. For its suitable geographic situation, our republic is presently taking an active role in implementation of all international and regional projects. In recent years, intensive work has been carried out to develop the railway system in accordance with the international standards, expand, modernize and renew the railway system of our country. Furthermore, Azerbaijan has closely been involved in the implementation of international and regional transport corridors, “Baku-Tbilisi-Kars” and “North-South” projects. Considering that Azerbaijan is soon to become a transit country in freight forwarding and that freight forwarding services in our country are needed to meet modern standards, “Globetrans” LLC was established in 2018 with respect to increase the share of railway transportation among the CIS, the Baltics, Europe and Central Asia. “Globetrans” LLC is the only company that owns a private fleet of wagons for transportation of agricultural goods. In a short period of time, our company has exported a large part of grains by Azerbaijani wagons. Our purpose is to further improve the quality of services provided to customers by regular and sustainable improvement of our activity.


The development of cargo transportation needs a comprehensive approach. The infrastructure renewal, application of modern technologies and proper personnel policy have made “GlobeTrans” LLC a competitive company nationwide and in the CIS region. Our long-term priority is to become a leading transportation company in the country that complies with high ethical standards, provides high-quality services and has an excellent business reputation. “GlobeTrans” LLC makes regular innovations in the field of import, export and transit transportation.

As a result of constant cooperation with our local and foreign customers, our company has become an integral part of the dynamic market. Our company has put great efforts into the development of such major regional projects as “Baku-Tbilisi-Kars” and “North-South”.

Freight forwarding is taking the lead in the developing economy of Azerbaijan, and we as a company are proud to be part of this great family!